About me

mverswijvelenLife is too short to have boring learning – since we learn every day, right? I certainly do and want to. It’s my strength and my weakness… I need to have the feeling that I am learning everyday or I get bored. Whether it is the discovery of a game development platform or trying to make my own puff pastry with the help of YouTube 🙂 …

Designing and developing effective and engaging online learning is a daily joy for me. Cathy Moore’s action mapping is the design model that starts off the projects and allows to really understand what the elearning course needs to be.

I want to make my learners curious, interested. They need to feel they are learning something new or feel reassured in what they do every day. I like them to sometimes laugh aloud, or gasp in horror. Their learning experiences need to be varied, relevant and where possible, spark conversation with other learners.

That is good learning design. But I also like to develop the courses, try out lots of new tools, learn about graphic design and game design and interactive storytelling.

Just a few examples below … Look for more on the portfolio page.

I’ve got three amazing teenage sons who are crazy about soccer,  and live with my family in a beautiful place close to Auckland’s (New Zealand) west coast beaches. I came to New Zealand in 2006 from my native Belgium (Antwerp).
As a good Belgian I love cooking and discovering good food.

One thought on “About me

  1. Hi Miranda
    Thanks for hosting the first Articulate group on Thursday.
    I am keen to get ‘back to’ Storyline and improve my skills. I will find the time to create enjoyable and engaging learning.I might need some help though!

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