My learning journey

Currently I combine two jobs!

  • Freelance learning conversationalist (talk to me to understand what your organisation needs!), instructional designer,  and edugame designer at my own little startup Learningworld Design – contact me for exciting opportunities!
  • E-learning instructional designer at Waitemata District Health Board – design and development, mostly in Articulate Storyline – and dabbling in making my own graphics – mainly cartoons and icons.

How did I get to e-learning?

Read a short story of the journey.

I definitely like variation in my working life… no getting around that when you take a look at my resume! However, three skills clearly come to the surface: writing, education and the web.


View my LinkedIn profile for full resume information

Copywriting and education
From freelance journalist and museum guide in the early days after university, I moved on to copywriting for business-to-business magazines. Working on a business-to-consumer project, I got the opportunity to assemble and write an educational package for 13- to 14-year-olds about the benefits of calcium intake. That was a great experience and I chose to take a next career step to an educational non-profit organisation, where I worked with parent teacher associations.

Web development

As those were the days of the emerging importance of the web (going towards the new millenium), I got more and more interested in gaining more experience with the new medium. Luckily for me, computer companies were screaming for new talent at that moment and I got the opportunity to start working as a consultant for Cap Gemini.  I spent four happy years there, appreciated for being a counterweight to my more technically trained colleagues: working on web design, online help systems, functional analysis, technical writing and web development.

Bringing it together: e-learning and instructional design

Then I got the unique chance to make these different paths join: e-learning. Writing educational texts and designing learning objects for the web? That’s my three skills put together. So it’s been e-learning since 2003:

  • e-learning consultant at U&I Learning, Ghent (Belgium)
  • freelance e-learning developer and instructional designer (Belgium and New Zealand)
  • e-learning advisor for the faculty of Health and Social Sciences (Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand)
  • senior instructional designer at Kineo Pacific (New Zealand)


View my LinkedIn profile for full resume information

In my spare time – working on a game project around adult numeracy.

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